Day 4 (swedish fish involved)

I’m taking a quick break from work to eat dinner and to blog. As the title suggests, there was a minor breach of my no-candy vow (oops) but, whatever, my main concern is not bingeing and while I am disappointed in my lack of resolve, today went just fine.  I ate:


1 cup whole milk + 1-2 tsp sugar in coffee

2 pieces light wheat toast, cottage cheese, apple


Amy’s Cheddar Broccoli Bowl + extra vegetables I added


1 handful almonds

1 miniature reese’s peanut butter cup and a handful of Swedish fish (no excuses, I was feeling hungry and stressed, but this did not derail me)


Handful of baby carrots with hummus

Sweet potato

Steamed market-blend vegetables

Plain greek yogurt with a little sugar free sweetener

I unfortunately need to get back to work, but look forward to writing a substantive blog post later this week.


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